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    Castrol GTX Rich Media and Social Program

My team was tasked to create an rich media banner based on the Castrol GTX Analogy campaign but my partner and I came up with a digital and social campaign that would go well beyond a rich media banner. We challenged users to compete with the Castrol analogy master. They enter their analogy into the banner and it is posted on the Castrol facebook wall. And ultimately they have a chance to win prizes. This creative well exceeded expectations and there was lots of buzz and excitement on Facebook from Castrol fans about the "Analogy off."

Company: Ogilvy
Art Director: Miriam Langsam
Copywriter: Amy Mazza

Mitchum Smart Solid Expandable Banner Ad



Art Director

Banner campaign based on Castrol GTX Analogy commercial offer an interactive social media experience. User enters their analogy and it will be posted, once approved, on the Castrol facebook wall.

As seen on
 takeover homepage ad.
    Fans could also try their hand at analogy challenges here on the facebook page. The best analogy won prizes from castrol.
    Castrol got social engagment that far exceeded the initial ask and the program was blasted on twitter and facebook.
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