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    My good friend and coworker Mariam won a "feminism is for everyone" 3% conference contest and it was important for us to continue to work on spreading the message that feminism is for everyone.

Merriam-Webster's definition of feminism is "the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities." If the definition is so simple why are so many people opposed to feminism? I even had a Facebook friend tell me feminism is evil.

Our goal was to make feminism more approachable. Feminism can be something we simply add to who we are. To do this we made a website where people could add feminism to their list of beleifs by filling out a pledge. Everyone's voice matters and the more people who fill out pledges the more powerful our collective voices will become.

The ultimate goal is that feminism becomes a more accepted label. We also put on a panel discussion called feminism is for everyone to discuss the new initiative.
    We were fortunate to have hundreds of people fill out pledges. Including some influential people and organizations including Deutsch the Advertising agency who was a sponsor of the initiative, Val DiFebo the CEO of Deutsch NY, Kat Gordon of the 3% Conferenceand ADCOLOR.
    Add Feminism Co-Creators: Mariam Guessous and Miriam Langsam
Sponsors: Vitmanin W, Madison's Browne Fellowship, Deutsch.

Feminism is for Everyone event held at Deutsch
Panelists: Amy Willard-Cross (Founder of Vitamin W), Terrill Ocona (Ogily), Miriam Langsam (Sr. AD Launchpad), Mariam Guessous (Sr. AD Launchpad)
Moderator: Val DiFebo (CEO Deutsch)
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