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    Jolt Cola was a very popular soft drink in the 80s but later sort of fell off the map. 20 years later they were given funding and a chance to revive their brand. They rebranded, repackaged and reached out to their target market, college students for insights on how to best communicate to millenials in their advertising. I was an integral part of the advertising development having my work used in their advertising efforts.

The product is uniquely an energy soda with loads of caffeine and other natural energy substances and strategically we wanted to capture the minds of college students by creating work that is bold and outrageous but useful in terms of the college mindset: work hard and play hard.
    During finals, jolt will be the fix for any energy need around campus. People download the app and a delivery person delivers the requested amount of Jolt within 30 minutes.
    A rave would be hosted on Saturday night before finals week. This would allow everyone to let loose and provide a burst of energy and mental break during this important and stressful time of year. Of course free Jolt would be served all night.
    These are electrical boxes on campus with a Jolt wrap.
    Company: In-House Advertising in conjunction with Syracuse University
Art Director: Miriam Langsam, Laura Migdon
Copywriter: Ryan Case
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