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    For 20 years ND has been a pioneer in the behavioral healthcare industry, assisting millions of people with services like Therapy, Health Coaching and Performance Solutions. But their dated advertising, marketing and internal communications had been holding them back from potential growth. Strategically, it was important for ND to do a rebranding campaign to infuse warmth and sophistication into the communications of a company known for compassion and innovation.

Conceptually, we focused on the importance ND plays in facilitating connections, specifically ones between members, providers, HR reps and healthcare companies. We wanted to recognize that dealing with behavioral health issues can be a lonely and isolating experience. However, ND makes the experience of seeking out help much easier by projecting genuine compassion at every touch of the process. We tapped into the emotional potency of a touch and created a campaign that frames up intimate moments of people truly connecting with one another. Because, together is the way forward.
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    Studies have shown that visualizing or looking at relaxing images can heavily reduce stress so this app will provide gorgeous serene images and play calming music.
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